Animation videos that tell stories.

Stories that deserve to be told.

Animation films crafted to engage.


Tables of information summarized in 75 seconds of animation video: the perfect elevator-pitch to convince your audience.

Video Marketing

Make the ROI of a product clear and convincing with an animated video in one step.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos make complex processes become transparent and accessible to a wide audience.

A vegan food revolution in 90 seconds of animation.

Mr. & Mrs. Watson - Explainer Video

Change management in the city council of Amsterdam.

Gemeente Amsterdam - Whiteboard Animation

Aerospace engineering explained.

Neitraco Groep - Animation film

Death by violence figures of 2016

AT5 - Video Infographics

Packaging for the pharmaceutical industry explained.

Pluripharm - Explainer Video

A new government policy explained

Gemeente Zaltbommel - Whiteboard Animation

Inventors of the future.

Neitraco Groep - 3D Animation Video

Educational animation film for Amsterdam

Gemeente Amsterdam - Whiteboard Animation

Explaining the engineering of the Production Automation processes.

Neitraco Groep - Animation Film

Female leadership empowerment in 70 seconds animation.

Buzz India - Video Infographics

Death by violence figures of 2016

We are an animation studio in the heart of Amsterdam. Working locally and internationally for brands with a passionate story to tell.

Since 2013 we craft animated stories that simply deserve to be told. Animation films that inspire, engage, and make you think. Video infographics that make sense and explainer videos that create that "aha" moment. Our animation studio is specialised in 3 types of animation: Explainer videos, Video infographics and Whiteboard animations. Discover more below.

Explainer videos

Explainer video animations tell stories through animated characters. Within a scene of elements elements brought to life. The characters take the viewer along through the story, they convey emotion and with their central role the focus is exactly where needed.

Video infographics

Infographic animations are often used to visualize the "facts & figures", such as process visualisation and annual reports. Infographic animations defined by animated symbols. Video infographics transform boring data into appealing and understandable stories.

Whiteboard animations

Custom animations that hand-draw moving illustrations as the video plays. We craft these animations on whiteboard, blackboard, greenboard or a custom background. With or without a hand that makes the drawings arise. Conveying the message in a striking way.